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EQT Test Sockets
Equiptest manufactures test sockets and handler contactors for all package types and technologies. Sockets are designed for long life with up to 1M insertions reported by users. EQT have contacts for:
  • high frequency and wide bandwidth applications from dc to 40GHz
  • kelvin contacts to 0.3mm
  • wafer probe heads to 75mincon pitch
  • high current, low inductance for automotive applications
Typically design time is 1 - 2 weeks and manufacturing 2 - 3 weeks from customer approval.
Test Sockets and Contactors for most handlers and packages. We specialise in sockets for optical devices and thermally controlled applications using FlexTC, MaxTC, Airstreamers, Peltier devices and passive heatsink and fan.
Sockets for select-on-test and for after market applications where we wrap a socket around an existing PCB of module. In fact EQT can design and manufacture sockets for all applications from jelly bean burn-in to high performance space class optical devices.
We can supply any quantity from 1 to 100+.
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