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Mu-TEST is a game changer in the Automated Test  Equipment (ATE) industry. Thanks to its revolutionary, FPGA-based  hardware, Mu-TEST dramatically reduces the Cost of Test (CoT) for all  the IC Semiconductor Companies.
Test Instruments include:
  • M-D864 - 64 Channel 800Mb/s Digital i/o
  • M-DPS10 - 10 Channel Device Power Supply
  • M-iXW - Analog & mixed signal
  • M-D1632 - 32 channel digital i/o @ 1600Mb/s
  • M-WR48 - M-WR48:  48 Wide Range Universal channels with: * High Voltage Digital IO up to 150Mb/s  * [-15/+24V] VI - Device power supply
  • MuTool is a complete software suite covering test program development, advanced debug functionalities, and test operation.

Mu-TEST offers test heads with 5/10 and 21 slots configurations,  covering all requirements from characterization, engineering  applications, to production test. We have a range of test instruments to build your tester configuration.            

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