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Summary of products:

  • Temperature forcing systems
  • FlexTC -55C to +175C
  • MaxTC G4 -70C to +175C (+200C)
  • MaxTC PowerPlus G4 -75C to +200C
  • Static and active stands
  • Adaptors for all applications
  • Pneumatic Clip-On Adaptor
  • Plate for all systems

Mechanical Devices - is a global leader and innovator in temperature control systems/solutions that are used primarily by semiconductor manufacturers to test their IC and wafer.
Mechanical devices thermal test systems perform fast, accurate, stable and cost effective solutions, using advance and patented technology.
With the industry´s state-of-the-art temperature forcing systems Flex TC and Max TC, Mechanical devices is changing the way of testing and controlling the temperature, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to increase their own profitability by improving the efficiency of their IC and wafer test processes.
MD end-user customers are among the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers. Our systems can be well integrated with automatic test equipment (ATE) and Handler in production.

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Mechanical Devices precision temperature forcing systems uses mains power only - no gasses of fluids. They can be used in offices or laboratory or the test floor. The FlexTC is highly portable. Both systems are fast, quiet and can be remotely controlled. Temperature is transferred to the DUT using direct contact which is much more efficient than air streaming systems. Adaptors, stands , vacuum attachments and pneumatic actuators are available to contact the thermal plunger to the DUT effieiently with maximum heat transfer.
  • FlexTC will force from -55C to +155C +/-0.2, will cool a 21W load to -40 degC (25C to -40C in <4min)
  • MaxTC G4 will force from -70 degC to +175 degC +/- 0.5 deg, will cool an 90W load to -40C (25C to -40C in <2min)
  • MaxTC Power Plus G4 will force from -75 degC to +200 degC +/-0.5 deg, will cool a 400W load to -55C at up to 120deg/min.

All systems can be integrated into pick and place handlers to upgrade them to tri-temp operation.
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