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01SEP18 - New blog post featuring Mechanical Devices temperature forcing systems.

13SEP18 - WECON IEC Protocol compliance

CoreTest Technologies is a supplier of the semiconductor, PCB and System test equipment. Since 2005 we have supplied a wide range of equipment, globally, to fulfil our customer's projects. Our partners supply proven equipment to meet your engineering and production test needs. CoreTest is not just another supplier, we will work with you to achieve your objectives.

CoreTest operates across many market sectors including, commercial, industrial, defence, aerospace, automotive, medical, communication, oil & gas and others. As well as selling high performance equipment we also manufacture our own interfacing products. Multi-disciplined complex projects are completed through co-operation with our partners. For instance we can supply a complete test cell using different partners and manage the design, interfacing, installation and servicing. A test cell can include:

  • Semiconductor ATE
  • Handler or Prober
  • Test Socket or Contactor
  • Manipulator, Docking & Interface (Pogo Tower)
  • Temperature forcing equipment
  • Loadboard/Probe Card design fabrication and assembly
  • Test software and result data management

September 2018 - Featured Product:

MaxTC Power+

MaxTC Power+ is the new big brother to FlexTC and MaxTC G3. It has a wide temperature range from -75 degC to +200 degC with a stability of +/-0.5 deg.

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APRIL 2016 - Featured Product:


High performance and complex PCB fabrication for semiconductor test loadboards, probe cards, burn-in boards and other applications. High density multi layer PCB fabrication with fine pitch.

Capabilities include, blind & buried vias, filled vias, back drilling, 40micron lines using laser direct write, 0.15 mm min hole size on 60 layer 6.35mm thick board, laser drilling and many more.

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