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Caliber Interconnect Solutions provide PCB designs for the semiconductor ond other high technology industries. Caliber use the industry leading PCB design tools and simulators to produce high layer count, wide bandwidth, low crosstalk design Using electrical simulators the effects of cross talk and trace lengths are reduced resulting in an optimised design. Thermal effects are also mitigated by careful design using the results of the Thermal Simulator thus avoiding hot spots. For semiconductor test boards Caliber have templates for all ATE system loadboards, DIB, PIB, HIB and probe cards.
Caliber Interconnect Solutions

Products & Services:
PCB Design House specialising in ATE TEST Boards.
-Loadboards (HIB, DIB)
-Probe Interface Board (PIB)
-Probe Cards
-High Performance PCB design
Tester Plafforms include:

• 93K
• T6577
• T6575
• T6371/72/73
• T2000
• AL9740
• Catalyst
• D10
• DiamondX

• Eagle Test Ststems
• IntegraFlex
• J750 (Ex)
• LTX Fusion
• MicroFlex
• Nextest
• Sapphire
• ST6730
• UltraFlex
Layout Tools
•Cadence Allegro
•Mentor Expedition
•Mentor Pads
•Zuken Cadstar
•Protel DXP
•Altium Designer

Schematic Tools
•Concept HDL
•Mentor Capture
•Orcad capture
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Member of the FSB
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