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Summary of products & Services:

  • Custom Pick & Place Handlers
  • Test Equipment - Manual & ATE
  • PXI Test Racks
  • Automation Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Visual inspection
  • Product Development
  • Embedded Design
  • Product Realisation
Protronix are an engineering company manufacturing test equipment and automated elctro-mechanical machines. These range from automated Pick & Place Handlers for automotive MEMS Gyroscopes to complete 30m long burn-in and test line installed in Shanghi, China for OLED displays. Protronix have expertise in optical test, robotics, factory automation systems, vision control, optical inspection and assembly automation. Recent projects include:

  • Pick & Place Handler for MEMs gyrosope
  • Production line for burn-in & Test of OLED screens
  • ATE systems for testing various products
  • Automation line to assemble remote tyre pressure valves
  • Factory visual inspection system
Short video showing Pick & Place handler operating
Short video showing automated assembly & test line for tyre pressure valves.
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